Prophet Companions (Sahaba)

Golden Series of the Prophets Companions are the best Sahaba’s of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 
We have include 17 sahaba’s biography – 

☼The First Caliph of Islam – Abu Bakr As Siddeeq
☼☼The Second Caliph of Islam Umar Bin Al Khattab
☼☼The Third Caliph of Islam Uthman Bin Affan
☼☼The Forth Caliph of Islam – Ali Bin Talib
☼☼Salman Al Farsi – In Quest of Truth
☼☼Khalid bin Al Waleed -The Sword of Allah
☼☼Bilal bin Rabah – The Mu’adhdhin Caller to Prayer
☼☼Amr bin Al Aas – The Conqueror of Egypt
☼☼Talhah bin Ubaidullah -The Living Martyr
☼☼Sad bin Muadh – The True Supporter of Islam
☼☼Abu Dharr Al Ghifari – Struggle for Equality
☼☼Abu Ubaidah bin Al Jarrah – The Nations Trustworthy Man
☼☼Az Zubair bin Al Awwam The Disciple
☼☼Jabir bin Abdullah – The Example of Sacrifice
☼☼Khabbab bin Al Aratt -The Teacher
☼☼Suhaib Ar Roomi – The Example of Sacrifice
☼☼Sad bin Abi Waqqas – The Lion in the Den
☼☼Abdullah bin Umar – The-Jurist
Hope this will be helpful for all Muslims. 
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